"I am so fortunate to have met Danielle.  Her love of animals and her extensive knowledge of training was apparent from our first conversation.   I enlisted her to help me navigate the training procedures for a mobility service dog.  Danielle familiarized me with state and federal service dog laws and also identified the service tasks that would best fit my needs and my dog's abilities.  Her enthusiasm was contagious and her techniques were simple and straight forward.  I immediately embarked on a daily regimen of training to transform my three year old very clownish standard poodle (Cosette) into a well mannered and helpful companion.  Danielle augmented my previous training ideas with new ones and was readily available at all times to answer questions.  She introduced me to the roadmap of acceptable public behavior for working dogs.  Under her tutelage Cosette learned to "tuck" under restaurant tables (and remain there), to traverse escalators (without incident), to navigate all kinds of obstacles at airports (under the eyes of the TSA).  After roughly just 6-7 months she tested and vetted Cosette.  The training was hard but there was constant encouragement.   To this day, I am still amazed that I learn something new each and every time I arrange a follow up visit with Danielle.  Thank you, Danielle...Because of you my life has been transformed!"

Sherry and Cosette


"Danielle is a very intuitive trainer. She got my girl, Magic taken to the next level in her training and helped give me confidence while handling her. Her corrections and suggestions for both Magic and I as a team have helped immensely, we are complimented while out in public on what a well behaved dog I have. I look forward to continuing our training with Major Canine."

Justina and Magic


"I can not give thanks enough to Danielle at Major Canine for helping me regain my life back after a severe asthma attack leaving me admitted in the hospital for a week. That hospital visit and the incredible staff there was a wake up call for me, I needed mental health help and medications just weren't going to cut it to get my quality of life back. Towards the end of my hospital stay Danielle had contacted me that she had found a possible dog to train for service work that fit my needs and requirements. She introduced me to Quinn and it was instant connection. Since having Quinn in my life it's been a lot easier, I'm slowly gaining my life back. Danielle's training with Quinn and I is incredible, she really gets into the training and explains everything extremely clear, which is great because I have comprehension problems. I highly recommend Danielle to everyone in need for dog training, she's absolutely fantastic."

Harley and Quinn