Puppy Training


Does your puppy nip, jump, AND bark non-stop? This is the perfect time to put in the work to fix it or keep it from ever starting. Together we can set your puppy and your family up for long term success. Puppies are so much cuter when they are well behaved from the start. All the reasons you got your dog and more become possible when start with a strong foundation.

​The puppy program includes key features to start you and your puppy on the path to a future worth bragging about.

  • Housebreaking

  • Leash Training

  • Kennel Training

  • Bite Inhibition

  • Owner Handling Desensitization

  • Continued Socialization

  • Starter package of breed information and puppy care at home.

Also expect unlimited phone and email support for the duration of the program.

Payment plans available.


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