Dog Training

Unlike other dog training companies, Major Canine continues to train with you and your dog until we reach your goals. There are no limits to what we can achieve together!



Your dog may be a live-in headache, but consider life if the opposite were true. A peaceful ride in the car on your drive to anywhere. Everyone appreciates the well behaved dog that doesn’t nip, jump, or bark at anything that moves. That dream of taking your dog places you can enjoy their company and show them off to your family and friends can be your reality. Your canine concerns addressed and your dog loves the freedom that comes with listening.

  • Custom Training Plan

  • Unlimited Commands

  • Unlimited Behaviors

  • Unlimited Group Sessions

  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support

  • Discounted Boarding Rates

  • Up to $250 in Equipment (leash, training collars, etc.)

  • Discounted Pick Up and Drop Off Services

Payment plans available.



Are you embarrassed to have guests over because your dog can’t just calm down? How much are you dreading your dog at the party you plan to host? It’s time to restore peace, in and out of the crate. Your dog is more than capable of enjoying a relaxing night in front of the TV with you, no matter how long your movie is or your choice of snack they used to beg for. “Stay” never made a family so happy. 

  • Obedience Commands: sit, down, come, place, and stay

  • Behavior Commands: off, let's go, kennel, leave it, and wait

  • Two Group Sessions

  • Up to $50 in Equipment

Payment plans available.



How many times has your dog scratched you when they jumped up as soon as you walked through the door? Or maybe they just bolt past you instead. Imagine walking your dog without struggle regardless of who is watching. Your dog now comes the first time you call because they would rather be with you anyway. Together, we can give you and your dog a tomorrow to look forward to.

  • Obedience Commands: sit, down, and come

  • Behavior Commands: off, let's go, and wait

Payment plans available.


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