Dog Training




Our most immersive program provides a hybrid learning experience. Depending on the needs of your individual dog, day-training and private lessons are designed to achieve your long-term goals. This program will give you the knowledge and skills for success.

  • Custom Training Plan

  • Structured training, play, socialization, and constructive exposure.

  • Access to five Group Sessions

  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support

  • Up to $150 in Equipment (training collars, leash, place cot, etc.)

  • Discounted Boarding Rates

  • Discounted Pick Up and Drop Off Services

Payment plans available. Please be aware that pricing is subject to adjustments based on your personal goals and the ability of your dog.



One Evaluation with 4 Day-Trains

This program is designed to give you and your dog skills necessary to live a more peaceful life. After your evaluation, we will schedule day-trains (your dog with be in my care for a portion of the day) on days that work best for you. These can be during the week or on the weekends and are scheduled according to the needs and ability of your dog. 

  • Obedience Commands: sit, down, come, and place.

  • Behavior Commands: off, let's go, leave it, and wait.

  • Two Group Sessions

  • Up to $50 in Equipment (training collar and leash).

Payment plans available.


$135 for Private Lesson

For the dog owner who wants one-on-one instruction, private lessons are the right choice for you. We will work on a specific exercise/goal during each lesson and plan as we go for the future.​